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My name is Carmen Lirio Díaz. I am a translation professional with an educational background in languages and many years of experience in the sector. Why should you choose me as your translator?

Translations from English, French and Portuguese into Spanish.

I have a passion for languages and cultural exchange. Most of all, I love being able to help my clients build bridges between their country and mine, and to convey their message in the most appropriate style (have you ever been reading something online and thought to yourself “this sounds too much like a translation…”?).

You’re in the right place. Shall we talk?


I offer the following services to private clients as well as translation agencies and businesses.


Translation from English, French and Portuguese into Spanish, tailored to each individual client. Trust in a professional to ensure your message is conveyed effectively.


Revision of translations or proofreading of texts in Spanish. Ensure your content is coherent and consistent, and appropriate for your target audience.

Localisation and transcreation

Specialist content translation with just the right amount of creativity to suit your needs. Ideal for your initial launch on the Spanish market, or to strengthen your brand.


The majority of my translation work falls into these areas:


E-commerce and retail

Looking to sell your products on the Spanish market?

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Corporate communications

Need to improve communications within your business?

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Cosmetics, beauty and fashion

Need to find the right message and style?

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Sustainability and environment

Can I help you with this growing sector?

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Struggling to take your business global?

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Medicine and well-being

Looking for a medical translation specialist?

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Do you know what makes a good institutional translation?

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Leisure and tourism

How will you impress your clients?

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Work process

Every project I receive represents a new adventure. Do you know exactly how a professional translator works? Let me provide an insight:

– Whenever a new request lands in my inbox, the first thing I do is take a look at the content and deadline. Will it be possible to deliver by the requested date? Does the subject-matter fall within an area I can confidently cover? If I can answer yes to both of these questions, I accept the project and send the client a quote if required.

– I start my research process I identify any sources that may assist me with the task, such as specialist dictionaries or websites belonging to the client or their competitors.

– Once I start work on the task, I use all of the reference materials I have available together with anything the client may have supplied, such as terminology files, style manuals or reference texts.

– I always refer any queries to the client. Throughout the project (and after delivery) I am available at any time and aim to respond as quickly as possible.

– I then revise my translation using all of the necessary quality checks, and deliver my project on time.

Servicios de traducción Carmen Lirio
Servicios de traducción Carmen Lirio

Your needs

I am a flexible, responsive and approachable translator, happy to help my clients with anything that may be required.

What are your requirements? Do you need guidance or advice? Or do you already know how things work and simply need to find the right person who can express your ideas in Spanish, in the same way as you originally devised them in your own language?

Please get in touch and tell me about your project. I am confident that, together, we can meet all of your objectives.

Clientes satisfechos


Carmen has worked as a freelance Spanish–English translator and reviewer for Focusrite for over two years. She is so approachable and friendly that I didn’t hesitate to meet her in person during her trip to the UK. It was so nice to chat and laugh with someone you work remotely. Above all, Carmen is a great translator, reviewer and professional, showing great flexibility in changing her roles between reviewing and translating when needed. She has a good eye for detail and an inquiring mindset and always asks the right questions. She works with both creative marketing translations and technical content for new products and features and correctly applies the associated technical terminology. I can only praise Carmen and her commitment to delivering outstanding service to her clients, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable Spanish translator.

Agata SchweizerFocusrite

We have been working with Carmen for nearly 2 years and we have always found her very helpful, professional and friendly. She delivers accurate translations, always on time and often goes above and beyond. We love working with her and would highly recommend her services.

Anglia Translations Ltd

We have had the pleasure of working with Carmen regularly over the last 3 years. Carmen is a very professional and conscientious translator and always adheres to deadlines and responds well to feedback.

Anna PetersITF Languages Team

We have been working with Carmen since 2018 and have always been satisfied with her services. Carmen is reliable in the quality of her work and always punctual. She keeps us updated of progress and blockers along the way, with plenty of time to let us provide more information as needed. Carmen has handled a wide variety of projects for us, including short same-day communications, 10,000+ projects, system reviews, recording of training videos… on a variety of topics: marketing material, HR programmes, product packaging, correspondence with inspectors. She is flexible in the face of changing deadlines and priorities and when faced with a new type of project. She adapts to our changing requirements and is very happy to take any feedback on board. I would recommend her services to anybody looking for good quality translations and great customer service.

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